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Discover how technology is transforming shipping management. Here, you will get the latest news on logistics and supply chain technologies. We aim to support supply chain managers in maintaining an up-to-date vision of their professional universe.

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VIDEO : Streamline your Container Shipping with BuyCo

As a logistics manager you can improve collaboration in your supply chain, increase productivity by automating tasks, and reduce shipping costs with...
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3 Proven Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Freight Forwarder

Maritime transportation is complex. Collaborating well with your freight forwarder makes it easier. Check out these tips to improve the partnerships...

Infographic on efficiency & collaboration in the supply chain

In this infographic, discover the challenges that the supply chain is facing, and the solution that better collaboration can bring. When using efficient...

How to Integrate Technology to Your Supply Chain

In order to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, exporters across the globe are integrating digital and technological innovations to their...

Infographic: 6 Factors to look for in a Shipping Management Solution

Looking for a solution to improve the way your team and partners manage your container shipping operations? Selecting the best solution to fit your...
ocean container shipping schedules

The “Skyscanner” of Maritime Transport: A Search Engine for Shipping Schedules

Learn about the latest technology that makes it easy to compare and book cargo vessels according to your needs, pricing, ETA, routes etc. Your logistics...

Collaboration makes or breaks your Supply Chain. Here's how to perfect it.

Exporting requires a lot of collaboration. Discover how to improve teamwork across your logistics team, freight forwarders, and ocean carriers.
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Consolidation in Shipping : Next phase will be driven by the mandatory usage of low sulfur fuel in 2020

Carl Lauron, BuyCo CEO, provides us with some relevant data about the shipping industry. You'll get a sharp analysis about the industry outlook.
All categories, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking

The Digital Big Bang in the containers shipping industry

Learn how new technologies and digitalization can provide logistics manager with a better visibility in supply chain managament and operations.
Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking

What technological breakthroughs could benefit the supply chain?

Learn how new technologies are making global supply chains more efficient, more resilient, more transparent and less costly.
All categories, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking

Transportation Management System (TMS) vs. Shipping Management Solution (SMS): Which is a better tool to survive the Amazon effect?

What are the differences between a TMS or an SMS for your supply chain? Discover the shipping management solution to better manage your container...
All categories, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking

What Does Real Time Communication Mean for My Export Operations

Learn how new technologies are helping logistics managers solving the complexity of container shipping operations: from TMS to collaborative platforms.