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Container shipping operations, shippers

How to improve customer satisfaction through logistics

It goes without saying that customer service is the backbone of any industry and food logistics...

shippers, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking, IoT in shipping

Everything You Need To Know About Container Tracking

To export your goods, your containers travel extensively and pass through the responsibility of...

Container shipping operations, shippers, Collaboration, Document Management

How to Handle The Communication Overload in Maritime Transportation?

The maritime supply chain is comprised of multiple players such as warehouses, vendors,...

freight forwarder, shippers, Collaboration, Document Management

3 Proven Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Freight Forwarder

When you run a business that relies on freight forwards, stress is inevitable. However, you can...

KPI, Container shipping operations, carriers, freight forwarder, shippers

3 Key Performance Indicators that shippers need but usually don't have

It is essential for shippers to be able to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their teams,...