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Discover how technology is transforming shipping management. Here, you will get the latest news on logistics and supply chain technologies. We aim to support supply chain managers in maintaining an up-to-date vision of their professional universe.

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7 Benefits of On-Site Container Visibility

On-Site Visibility allows supply chain professionals to get accurate data on their containers' status to speed up operations and reduce trucking costs.
Container shipping operations, shippers

How to improve customer satisfaction through logistics

Logistics actually has a large part to play in customer satisfaction. Here’s a 3 tips to improve your customer satisfaction through logistics.
shippers, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking, IoT in shipping

Everything You Need To Know About Container Tracking

Discover tracking methods, how to deploy an effective tracking strategy, and how to improve exceptions management in maritime transportation.
Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking, IoT in shipping, innovation

State of the art visibility in ocean freight

Visibility is a nebulous term that many practitioners struggle to define. Definitions are provided in this blog post along with the best ways to achieve...
Collaboration, innovation

BuyCO participates in the MeRS project

The MeRS project aims to streamline transporting multimodal cargo on Mediterranean-Rhône-Saône logistics and port route and, to make this happen,...
BuyCo features

BuyCo new features are live

Here, in this blog post you will find the latest BuyCo application new functionalities: search engine upgrade, partner access, calendar view, new and...
Working life at BuyCo

BuyCo has been awarded the HappyIndex®AtWork-StartUp and the HappyIndex®AtWork-Agile labels

“We are very proud to announce that BuyCo has been awarded the HappyIndex®AtWork-StartUp and the HappyIndex®AtWork-Agile labels. We would like to give a...
Container shipping operations, shippers, Collaboration, Document Management

How to Handle The Communication Overload in Maritime Transportation?

Communicating across the supply chain is quite challenging with so many players involved. As a logistics manager, you can communicate better than with...
KPI, Container shipping operations, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking, sailing schedules, Document Management

VIDEO : Streamline your Container Shipping with BuyCo

As a logistics manager you can improve collaboration in your supply chain, increase productivity by automating tasks, and reduce shipping costs with...
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3 Proven Tips to Improve Your Relationship with Your Freight Forwarder

Maritime transportation is complex. Collaborating well with your freight forwarder makes it easier. Check out these tips to improve the partnerships...

Infographic on efficiency & collaboration in the supply chain

In this infographic, discover the challenges that the supply chain is facing, and the solution that better collaboration can bring. When using efficient...

How to Integrate Technology to Your Supply Chain

In order to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, exporters across the globe are integrating digital and technological innovations to their...