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Discover how technology is transforming shipping management. Here, you will get the latest news on logistics and supply chain technologies. We aim to support supply chain managers in maintaining an up-to-date vision of their professional universe.

CO2 Reduction

How to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the Shipping Industry

Shipping is considered an emission-intensive industry. Discover how you can reduce your CO2 emissions in the shipping industry
Container shipping operations

Should You Outsource or Insource Container Shipping Operations?

As a shipper, is it best to outsource or insource your container shipping operations? Discover how to make the best decision

BuyCo was chosen by Bel to Bring More Visibility And Control To Their Supply Chain

In January 2022, BuyCo was chosen by Bel, a leading French food brand, to optimize their maritime supply chain in line with their need for control over...
Container shipping operations

What is Blank Sailing? + How to Avoid its Consequences

What is Blank Sailing? What causes them? Read on to learn everything you need to know about blank sailing and how to avoid its consequences
Container shipping operations

Supply Chain Visibility Software: The Buyer’s Guide

A Supply Chain Visibility Software is essential to achieve your goals. Discover what you need to know before buying a Supply Chain Visibility Software.
Container shipping operations

Container Booking: Select the Best Vessel + Book as Fast as Possible

Container Booking is a critical point of your Maritime operations. Discover how a Container Booking Platform can perfect booking with all your carriers.
Visibility and Tracking

Container Tracking Software: The Ultimate Buyer's Guide

Find out what you MUST KNOW before buying a container tracking software. See essential features and compare the best container tracking software providers.
Container shipping operations

Demurrage vs Detention: What’s the Difference? + How To Avoid Them

What’s the Difference between Demurrage and Detention Charges? How do you avoid demurrage and detention costs? Find out to reduce Container Shipping costs.
Transhipment Management

Best Advice on How to Manage a Transhipment

Discover everything you need to know to properly manage your transhipment and avoid risk in container shipping!

How to maximize efficiency in your maritime supply chain?

Several factors impact the efficiency of your operations. Discover how to implement 3 steps to increase the productivity of your entire supply chain.
Container shipping operations

What are the biggest challenges of maritime logistics?

Discover our next article to know in-depth analysis of challenges faced by industry in the maritime logistics.
Container shipping operations

The best practices in container utilization to reduce the CO₂ emissions

Discover in this article the best practices in container utilization to reduce the CO₂ emissions