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How to improve customer satisfaction through logistics

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It goes without saying that customer service is the backbone of any industry and food logistics is no exception to this. The quality of your customer service determines the reputation of your company and your brand image. Remember - time, tide, and customers don’t wait for anyone. If you fail to provide them with impeccable customer service, they will go looking for someone who does.

Here are 3 tips to improve your customer satisfaction through logistics :


1. Keep your customers in the loop

inform you customersThis might sound like a simple solution, but an informed customer is a happy customer. When you are engaged in a business with rising operational complexity, being transparent is the first step towards customer engagement. As a shipper, it is imperative that you keep your end customer informed of the status of the shipment at every stage of the process. This not only gives them assurance but also helps them plan their business and operations accordingly.



2. Quickly answer the queries of your customersBlog accents

Your customers’ expectations are fairly simple - they want answers. And you should do exactly that, irrespective of whether the answer is positive or negative. You cannot possibly do anything to expedite the process when shipments are delayed due to exterior circumstances, but you can always do one thing - proactive and prompt communication with your customers.



3. Ship quickly and smoothly

Ship quickly for customer statisfactionIt’s easier said than done. When coordinating with multiple different international partners and when exceptions arise, it can be challenging to get your shipment in on time. The key to speeding up your shipping operations lies in your ability to be notified by all partners involved and to be updated with exceptions at sea. This can be accomplished through collaborative platforms and exception management tools.



The bottom line is this. When you and your competitors offer the same services to the same location at more or less the same rates, the quality of customer service can be a real differentiator. Giving your end customer access to your Shipping Management System allows them to stay perfectly up-to-date without any special effort from your part.


0"BuyCo, digital collaborative platform allows us to make faster, more reliable decisions since we all share the latest information and stay on the same page. In this way, we are able to quickly respond to our customers, which highly contributes to customer satisfaction."

- Frédéric Buchère, Alteo's Customer Service Director


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