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BuyCo was chosen by Bel to Bring More Visibility And Control To Their Supply Chain


In 2022, BuyCo was chosen by Bel, a leading French food brand, to optimize their maritime supply chain in line with their need for control over shipping operations and processes. Bel moves thousands of containers each year to 120 different countries and hence why tracking information on shipment status was a major challenge. Inline with their utmost priority of food safety, visibility and traceability are also especially important for Bel.

In addition to providing visibility and automation, BuyCo’s collaborative features and user-friendly design made it a clear choice for Bel.

Since selecting BuyCo in January 2022, Bel has already been able to centralize and automate their operational processes to increase productivity. They also have been able to establish streamlined supply chain processes for their global teams and freight forwarders. Bel can now track all containers in real-time and access reliable, multi-sourced data for Estimated Time of Departures and Estimated Time of Arrivals.

With BuyCo, Bel plans to be able to reduce 670 hours in searching for information, 300 hours in reporting, and 25,000 emails per year. Furthermore, the availability of automated reports on daily operations and transporter performance has further empowered Bel to optimize costs and contracts during negotiations. 

In an interview, Yoann Malsch, the Bel Supply Chain Export Project Manager shared, “Thanks to BuyCo, we have instant access to reliable data on the performance of our freight forwarders, carriers, shipping companies, and costs.”

Carl Lauron, CEO and Founder of BuyCo, joined in saying, “As a credible international player, we are very proud to be selected to support the Bel Group’s goals to increase the visibility and control of their maritime container operations.”

Having experienced how BuyCo has streamlined processes and made them more efficient. Bel plans to continue working with BuyCo to further improve customer service.

About BuyCo

BuyCo is a Container Shipping Platform designed to give importers and exporters visibility and control over their maritime supply chain. BuyCo connects shippers, partners, forwarders and 95% of carriers on a single platform for information sharing, collaboration and communication. With the help of AI solutions and insightful reporting, BuyCo goes a step ahead of container visibility to automate shipping operation tasks thereby streamlining processes, minimizing error margins and increasing productivity. Buyco has a global presence with offices in North America, France, the UAE and China. 

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