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🚨 Red Sea attacks - Take actions

Collaboration, Visibility and Tracking, BuyCo features

The current situation in the Red Sea is causing numerous challenges and undoubtedly affecting the smooth flow of your logistics operations.

BuyCo has recently introduced two innovative features that will enable you to promptly take necessary measures and effectively minimize potential risks.


💡 Are my shipments currently located in the Red Sea region?

The Control tower is helping you to visualize easily, and in real time, current shipments that are shipping around the Red Sea zone

> How to check them?

Connect with your account on BuyCo platform

Go on the BuyCo lab and select Control Tower initiative

Within the lab, select the Control tower and click on 'shipments with vessels in the Red Sea' 

shipments in control tower

You can now have a view on current shipments (and vessels) on Red Sea area and the direction of them as well!

By clicking on 'list view', you can check details of concerned shipments!



detail shipment

🌟 Could this issue potentially affect my shipments and what steps can I take to address it?

The reporting section is helping you check current shipments on sea for trades Europe <> Asia with a notification of ETA delay. It will help your organization to mitigate risks and take appropriate actions.

> How to check them?

Go to the Reporting section and click on report called 'Current operational Incidents'.

From charts to details, you can deep dive into current shipments and take appropriate actions with your logistics network!

incident 1

incident 2

incident 3

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