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Gravity and BuyCo: Streamlining International Supply Operations

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The Synergy of Purchase Order Management and Container Shipping Software

In the dynamic world of international supply, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency and streamline their operations. Two crucial components in this process are Purchase Order (PO) Management and Container Shipping. POs are managed by the Supply Chain teams and container shipping is orchestrated by the Transport and Logistics teams. But both elements are deeply connected as purchase orders need to trigger rapid shipping and procurement teams need to know when goods will be delivered to efficiently manage inventories. Working in silos creates inefficiencies and a lack of visibility and control over orders.
When seamlessly integrated, PO Management and Container Shipping Management software can significantly improve the end-to-end supply chain process, offering businesses a competitive edge. This is what Gravity and BuyCo offer.

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Gravity Purchase Order Management Software

Gravity Purchase Order Management software plays a pivotal role in automating and optimizing the procurement process. It enables businesses to create, track, and manage purchase orders efficiently. Key features of POM software include order creation, vendor management, inventory tracking, and real-time monitoring of order status.

Gravity ensures that businesses have a centralized system to handle their procurement needs, reducing errors and improving overall accuracy. This results in:

  • More efficient teams: 4-8% reduction in labor costs
  • Faster time-to-market: 10-15 days saved from PO creation to vendor Booking
  • Enhanced Production Management: 2-10% increase in revenue
  • Enhanced Profit Management: 5-10% potential reduction in markdown
  • Enhanced Vendor Management: 2-5% reduction in COGs


BuyCo Container Shipping Software

BuyCo Container Shipping software focuses on optimizing the shipping and logistics aspects of the supply chain. It provides container tracking and shipping operations management for transport operated directly by the shipping line or by a 3PL. This includes functionalities such as shipment planning and route optimization, booking and documentation management. BuyCo is essential for managing the complexities of containerized shipments, helping businesses ensure timely and secure delivery of goods across borders. For businesses, this means:

  • Gain efficiency and reduce labour costs: save up to 60% of time spent on managing container shipping
  • Reduce external costs: internalize freight forwarding tasks, reduce ocean carrier freight costs, and reduce accessorial and Demurrage and Detention charges
  • Get full visibility over container shipping: all tracking milestones and accurate estimated arrival dates.


Integration Benefits

a. Automated Order Processing

By integrating POM software with Container Shipping software, businesses can automate the order processing workflow. Once a purchase order is generated and approved in the POM system, relevant information such as shipment details, cargo weight, and dimensions can be seamlessly transferred to the Container Shipping software. This eliminates manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and accelerating the shipping process.

b. Real-time Visibility

One of the significant advantages of integration is the enhanced real-time visibility into the entire supply chain. The POM software provides visibility into order status, inventory levels, and vendor performance, while the Container Shipping software offers insights into the location and status of shipments including the estimated arrival date of containers. Combining these functionalities allows businesses to make informed decisions, proactively address issues, and improve overall supply chain visibility.

c. Documentation and Compliance

Integration ensures that all necessary documentation, including shipping manifests, customs declarations, and invoices, is synchronized between the two systems. This not only reduces the risk of compliance errors but also expedites customs clearance, contributing to faster and smoother cross-border shipments.

d. Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is critical for businesses to meet customer demands while minimizing carrying costs. Integrating POM and Container Shipping software enables businesses to synchronize inventory data, ensuring that stock levels are accurately reflected in both systems. This helps prevent overstocking or stockouts, optimizing warehouse efficiency.


Two Experts Connecting Through a Certified Integration

Gravity and BuyCo have integrated their SaaS solutions to provide a user-friendly system designed with practitioners to boost operational efficiency. The combination of two leaders focused on their expertise enables businesses to leverage best-of-breed functionalities to automate the end-to-end Purchase Order Management process.

The certified integration of Gravity and BuyCo systems supports rapid deployment and provides fast time to value, accelerating the return on investment that is usually found after only a few months.

Buyco and Gravity process


How Does it Work?

The Gravity and BuyCo integration offers an end-to-end solution to manage Purchase Orders and their shipment process. Data flows between the two systems eliminate double entries and enable the breaking up of silos between Supply Chain teams and Transport teams.


BuyCo and Gravity detail workflow


Why the Gravity and BuyCo Joint Solution and Why Now?

The integration of Purchase Order Management and Container Shipping software empowers businesses to create a seamless and efficient supply chain ecosystem. By automating processes, enhancing visibility, and ensuring accurate data exchange, organizations can improve their overall operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.

As global trade continues to evolve, leveraging the synergy between these two software solutions becomes a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to stay competitive in the ever-changing marketplace.


Two expert teams and systems in international shipping

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