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Press Release: Royal Avebe Enhances Shipping Efficiency and Maritime Visibility Using BuyCo

Press Release

In an attempt to improve shipment management in September 2022, Royal Avebe switched their shipping operations to BuyCo, a collaborative platform for container shipping. In the last two quarters since its implementation, the company has been able to automate their processes, streamline operations, and enjoy enhanced visibility. 

As one of the largest global producers of potato starch and potato protein, Avebe has a shipment volume of over 10,000 containers per year. Before adopting BuyCo, they were managing shipping operations through a different portal. That portal did not fulfill the expectations and could not support further optimization.

It made the company look for a unique platform tailored to their requirements - one that would facilitate direct integration with shipping lines and freight forwarders. State-of-the-art technology, seamless integrations with ERP, user-friendliness, ease of configuration, and easy adoption by end users were some of the top features Avebe was looking for in the new solution, and BuyCo seemed like the right fit. 

The Netherlands-based starch and protein manufacturer decided to go with BuyCo since the platform has an existing network of carriers integrated with the shipping lines. In addition to serving as a single platform that connects Avebe with 95% of global shipping carriers, it enables them to interact with all ecosystems and improve visibility sharing. 

The company started using the stand-alone application of BuyCo about six months ago for shipment volume from the Netherlands to the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, and other parts of the world. The implementation of the platform has been seamless and hassle-free, thanks to the exemplary customer service offered by BuyCo, says the Avebe management: 

“BuyCo has offered us excellent customer service – they have been supportive during the implementation phase and are open to taking any feedback to improve the platform. We are currently working with them to co-develop new features through “the BuyCo lab”. The company is agile and delivers improvements quickly, and being customer-centric is one of their main strengths.”

The platform came with several features that would enhance the shipping operations of Avebe, including vessel schedule search, multiple search criteria, booking, tracking, VGM declaration, collaboration, document sharing, API integration, allocations, and others.  

Since the adoption of BuyCo’s collaborative platform that combines carrier integration and automation, Avebe has been able to reduce their manual workload. They can now manage documents with more efficiency, helping save the time and effort of their staff. 

Royal Avebe has integrated the platform directly into the existing ERP, thus automating their operations as much as possible. On top of being able to simplify customer communications using the platform – they can now offer real-time visibility to customers, eliminating the need to send multiple emails and resulting in improved customer satisfaction. 

Now that Avebe has experienced how BuyCo enhances multiple aspects of their shipping operations and simplifies processes, they plan to continue using BuyCo and explore new capabilities on the platform.

About Royal Avebe

Royal Avebe traces its origins back to 1919 when it started as a cooperative partnership between potato starch manufacturers. Today, they are the largest producer of potato starch and protein worldwide. Headquartered in the Netherlands and with operations across the globe, the Dutch cooperative manufactures and sells potato starch and protein for versatile uses – from food and feed to paper, textiles, construction, adhesives, and more.

About BuyCo 

BuyCo is the leading Container Shipping Platform for ocean transportation. Designed for exporters and importers managing large volumes of containers, the SaaS platform connects to 97% of all ocean carriers to simplify, secure, and automate daily shipping tasks. BuyCo’s collaborative platform centralizes the members of the supply chain to streamline operations and provide all parties with smart visibility over container shipping. BuyCo’s customers reduce shipping costs by cutting down internal, carrier, and freight forwarding expenses.

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