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How to plan & book your shipments for inland and ocean transportation?

Collaboration, Visibility and Tracking, BuyCo features

Effectively overseeing the logistics of the supply chain is crucial for businesses engaged in global trade. However, the complex and time-consuming task of planning and booking multimodal container shipments can be overwhelming.
In this article, you will delve into the ways in which BuyCo streamlines the planning and booking process of multimodal container shipments.

With BuyCo, it's now easy to create a shipment door to door, from an inland rail ramp terminal, to their arrival at the ocean port of loading and port of discharge.

With a wide range of multimodal features and access to a vast network of carriers, BuyCo ensures that shippers have the flexibility to choose the most suitable transport options for their specific needs, with a combination of various multimodal legs.

Using a centralized platform helps shippers to save time and effort from tedious operations: now they can create a shipment plan and send the corresponding booking request including the selected transport modes, in just a few simple clicks.

Improving the coordination from different modes of transport or searching for the most efficient routes

Today, our platform makes it easy to select the transport modes that suit the operational requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for your container importations and exportations.

Ultimately, BuyCo providing a user-centric platform that  simplifies the complexities of international logistics and transforms the approach of shipping when it comes to planning and booking multimodal container shipments.


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