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BuyCo releases Multimodal Container Routing

BuyCo features

BuyCo is excited to announce our new release of an enhanced version of our container shipping platform, now enabling shippers to optimize the routing of their containers across all transport modes.

You love BuyCo because it enables fast and easy port to port routing and booking for your container flows. Now with the multimodal routing feature transport planners can evaluate all possible options of routing door to door container shipments including:

  • - Main oversea transport, inland pre and post carriage 
  • - All transport modes for inland: road, truck and barge
  • - Carrier and merchant haulage


By managing door to door multi-leg shipments, transport planners optimize their container journey to fit their business requirements:

  • - Finding the cheapest route
  • - Finding the fastest route
  • - Optimizing allocations
  • - Finding the route with lower carbon emissions
  • - Or a route selection based on a mix of all criteria above and many other dimensions to fit best with their business requirements


The combination of inland and overseas transport legs enables BuyCo to identify the best option, and lets you book the most relevant shipment with the shipping line or your freight forwarder.

In addition, working with inland legs provides international transport teams with greater agility. Instead of selecting a given port pair for loading and discharge, they can use port clusters to leverage more routing options.For example they can find an alternative routing through a fallback port in case the primary port is congested. Or they can replace carbon intensive road transport with inland short-sea transport.

In the case of a congested port that should be avoided, BuyCo can propose an alternative port compliant with the door to door shipment requirements.



BuyCo remains to be an easy to use and powerful platform connected to all shipping lines that enables shippers to search through carrier’s schedules and book their container shipments in a few clicks or even in a fully automated mode. Now this capability is made even more powerful with the extension of shipment routing to inland leg, providing the ultimate door to door routing maps for planning combined with a highly efficient booking capability.

1) Get all door to door routing options for:

- All Shipping lines
- Possible loading and discharge ports including carriers schedules
- Inland routing options
- Carbon footprint level
- Allocations



2) Select the best option for your business requirements and send the booking request to the shipping line in one click.


And of course BuyCo continues to deliver outstanding features for document management, track and trace, control tower and exception management to help you build a resilient container shipping practice. 

Get prepared, container shipping has never been easier!


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