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BuyCo new features are live

BuyCo features

Spring has arrived & so has BuyCo's new features

Here at BuyCo we know that the sky is the limit when it comes to improving container shipping operations. That's why we work non-stop to continuously improve the software for our users.

Here are the latest new features to the BuyCo platform (available since June 6, 2019): 

New Feature 1: Search engine upgrade

We improved the search engine in the application and made it faster and more accurate.

Now, the logistics professional can get all the main information concerning a shipment at a glance, such as the tracking status, shipment information and your references.




New Feature 2: Partner Access

As you know, BuyCo is the best way to collaborate with your shipping partners. It allows you to easily exchange information, comments & documents, and view the status tracking of your container. However, the situation does arise when you do not want all your partners being able to access all this information.

BuyCo has now made that a possibility through "partner access mode". You can now control what other companies/participants have the right to see or not see concerning each shipment.

To do so, you select a status for each company as either "full access" or "partner access." Selecting this status will have an impact about what will see the participant in the shared shipping file.

The status is not specific to a user, but to an entire company. Meaning if you invite a person with a Partner access, all other members of his or her company will automatically also be invited as Partner access. This is extremely useful because it allows members of your partner companies to easily invite their colleagues to collaborate with you on the project, all while you are assured that each member will have the same limited view.


New Feature 3: Calendar View

BuyCo now offers the possibility to improve container stuffing operations by increasing visibility through a Calendar view. All participants of the shipment will be able to access this information to organize the empty containers pick up and stuffing. The stuffing of each container can be planned over several days and loading sites.

Within the calendar menu, you can first plan the stuffing of empty containers with all the needed information:

- The time and date

- The place of loading (corresponds to one of the contacts saved in your My Contacts menu)

- The stuffing reference

- The container(s) linked to this stuffing schedule

- Etc.

Once your data is entered, all participants concerned with the shipment will be able to view the times and locations of the container stuffing throughout the week.

Beside the stuffing, the logistics professionals will be able to follow up the container life path and all the main events concerning it, like the quality or custom control and so on.




New Feature 4: New and Improved Chat

The chat feature allows you to easily collaborate with other members working on each shipment. It allows you to keep communication organized so it can be easily reviewed in the future.

The visibility of the chat is now enhanced. From the list of your shipments you can see a notification if you have a new message on a particular shipment. If you do not need to be reminded of this message in the future you can click "mark as read" to take away the notification. If you would like to keep the notification to remember to come back to it, the notification will be automatically kept as unread.





The work on the software accomplished over the past few months has been impressive, and more and more customers are turning to BuyCo as their preferred method to improving efficiency in maritime transportation.

Every two weeks BuyCo is sending out new features to add even more ease and simplicity into your shipping operations. Just wait until you see what summer has in store!

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