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BuyCo Present at Ecomondo, The Green Technology Expo

Last month, BuyCo attended Ecomondo, the reference event in Europe for the ecological transition and green technology. Ecomondo brings together leaders in innovation to support recovery of materials, renewable energy, and sustainable development. This internationally recognized event creates synergies so our world can grow towards sustainable, circular economies. The magnitude of this event is displayed in the numbers themselves:

  • Visitors from 130 countries
  • Attendance of over 80,000 people
  • 109,500 sqm of exhibition area
  • 1,160 exhibitors
  • Over 3,500 business meetings
  • More than 150 seminars and conferences


As a recipient of the Blue Economy Window grant, BuyCo was invited to attend Ecomondo by CINEA (European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency) for BuyCo’s and Searoutes’ joint project, CONTROL. As a sustainable technology project, CONTROL was selected along with 10 other SMEs to take part in a grant of €20 million to support decarbonization and the EU Green Deal Objectives.


During a conference at the event, BuyCo and Searoutes were able to share the CONTROL project with attendees at the event. They explained how the project allows importers and exporters in container shipping to reduce their CO emissions and make a positive impact on the planet. First off, the solution lets shippers accurately measure their CO emissions to be able to reduce and compensate. Moreover, CONTROL allows shippers to view an accurate projection of a vessel’s CO emissions during the selection process. In this way, shippers can select more sustainable routes and vessels to be able to significantly drop their carbon footprint.

To sum up the high-energy event, BuyCo made countless connections, discovered other inspiring projects, and shared about how CONTROL can contribute to a more sustainable world. Everyone can play their part. We are ready for next year!


Learn more about CONTROL here



Co-funded by the European Fisheries Fund under Grant Agreement No.863619

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