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Baltimore Bridge Break: Responding to the Supply Chain Disruption

Container shipping operations

The recent collision of a container ship with the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore has resulted in devastating consequences, including the loss of lives. Our heartfelt thoughts go out to all those impacted by this tragic incident. Furthermore, this unfortunate event has caused a disruption in the supply chain for shippers, with vessels unable to enter the port and others stranded at sea.

In response to this crisis, BuyCo has swiftly implemented a specialized warning system on its control tower to evaluate the effects on current shipments and assist shippers in adjusting their supply chain strategies.


control tower-1

For those involved in shipping to or from Baltimore, leverage BuyCo’s advanced multimodal planning tools to explore alternative routes for upcoming shipments, seamlessly locate options through nearby ports, access vessel schedules, and secure bookings with the most suitable shipping line.

Discover how to navigate these challenges efficiently with BuyCo.

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