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Benoit Fichefeux


How to maximize efficiency in your maritime supply chain

The term efficiency is being redefined thanks to the many tools and technologies readily...

shippers, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking, IoT in shipping

Everything You Need To Know About Container Tracking

To export your goods, your containers travel extensively and pass through the responsibility of...

Container shipping operations, shippers, Collaboration, Document Management

How to Handle The Communication Overload in Maritime Transportation?

The maritime supply chain is comprised of multiple players such as warehouses, vendors,...

All categories, Collaboration, Data Intelligence, Visibility and Tracking

What Does Real Time Communication Mean for My Export Operations

TMS: the starting point for effective transport management

Overseas shipping has always been...

All categories

3 much-needed improvements to your supply chain

You’re a believer. A believer that things can be better. You see how processes in your supply...