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Alteo shipping transportation

Alteo's mission: Enhance shipping container management and better serve the final customer

About Alteo

Located in France, Alteo is a worldwide, leading producer of specialty alumina.
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Alteo has made shipping visibility and better customer
service as a top priorities.

Before starting with BuyCo, Alteo was experiencing a lack of visibility, and were wasting time in repetitive tasks for their container shipping operations. Alteo's support service was buried by emails and unable to serve their customers with transparency and real time communication on their logistics flows.

With BuyCo’s help, Alteo achieved the following results:

  • 80% emails reduction

  • 25% in productivity gains (time savings)

  • 100% of the transportation plan fulfilled


frederic-buchere-the-power-of-collaborative-platform"BuyCo, digital collaborative platform allows us to make faster, more reliable decisions since we all share the latest information and stay on the same page. In this way, we are able to quickly respond to our customers, which highly contributes to customer satisfaction."

Alteo's Customer Service Director.




Alteo goals were to:

  • Improve their customer service

  • Enhance transportation plan management

  • Automate administrative and repetitive tasks

  • Create a single ecosystem to share and archive documents

  • Collect relevant data

  • Create KPIs in order to measure the performance of their logistics partners

Vanessa Gimenez"Today, technology allows us to track our containers in real time. However, if the documents aren't followed at the same pace as the cargo, it doesn't help much. With BuyCo, our partners can access all the relevant information in real time. Document tracking is fundamental, principally for custom clearance operations.”


Alteo's Buying Service Manager.


Alteo's goal was to reduce unnecessary exchanges and to be at one click away from accessing all their information.

How BuyCo Helped

With BuyCo, Alteo started to use shipment templates management to increase teams' productivity with standardization and automated action. By doing so, Alteo’s logistics team got rid of repetitive and time-consuming tasks and is now focused on solving more important issues to serve customers better.
Data is entered just once (shipping instructions, bookings, …), and thus, Alteo minimizes human error.

Booking and automated tracking
Alteo benefits from the direct EDI connection to the shipping lines with direct information about the scheduled vessel, as well as the tracking info for any ongoing shipment.

Customer service
Wtih real time and automated tracking, Alteo is now able to inform their customers on the delivery status of their cargo.

Transportation plan management
BuyCo allowed Alteo to have a single view over the shipments, which allowed Alteo logistics professionals to be instantly aware of deviations in order to find solutions quickly.

Common shared workspace
Alteo uses BuyCo's collaborative area to better coordinate their shipping operations. In the common shared workspace, Alteo can update documents and get real-time status notifications about shipments.
Alteo allows their customers to get information, documents, shipping operation history and archives all from a single place.

Alteo can now collect relevant data to better drive their container shipping operations and strategy.


“The problem is providing information on time. BuyCo has helped us improve our customer satisfaction because our customers can now find everything they need in the same place, such as bookings, documents, and archives”.

Alteo customer service Director.


Next Alteo – BuyCo collaboration stages

BuyCo and Alteo continue to collaborate in order to bring the latest technologies available on the market in order to optimize their shipping operations and by doing so increasing their customer satisfaction.



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