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7 Benefits of On-Site Container Visibility

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Onsite Container Visibility

With a simple app, you can have accurate, precise data and broad visibility over your on-site activity. The app has multiple benefits that keep on giving to your entire logistics team. Here’s the top 7:


1. Accurate automated data from the ground

Manual entry is a thing of the past. With BuyCo OnSite, your on-site staff simply take a picture, and all the necessary information is recorded in real-time (container number, reference number, seal number, time, GPS position, etc.). This ensures that your data is 100% accurate, and you won’t have any incorrect seal numbers or errors on your bill of lading.


2. Reduced trucker and haulage claims

How many times have you received extra fees from your hauling company for their additional waiting time? When this happens, it is usually impossible to verify if the trucker really waited longer or not. Until now. With BuyCo OnSite, time logs and waiting times are automatically kept so any other fees can be easily proved or revoked.


3. Better collaboration & faster operations

Since all of your on-site containers are being tracked at each action, all members are notified about the completion of a step and can be better prepared for the next one. You can assign people tasks, and they can notify everyone once it is completed, leading to faster, more fluid workflows.


4. Reduced detention costs

BuyCo OnSite measures how much time your containers have been onsite. This makes it easy to monitor when containers need to be sent to your carrier so you do not receive detention charges from them. 


5. Better visibility & more fluid operations

With many containers coming off an on site, it is critical to move freight in a timely manner. Visibility is essential to avoid congestion and to efficiently get trucks in and out of your warehouse or industrial site. Lack of visibility can cause confusion and waste time.


6. Informed about exceptions or events

Knowing what is happening on your sites around the world is very important. If any event arises or an irregularity is identified, such as fumigation or a damaged or dirty container, BuyCo OnSite notifies the concerned members to keep everyone in the loop on things that could slow down operations.


7. Improved overall performance

Since each action recorded in BuyCo OnSite has a time log, you’ll be able to know exactly how long your operations take as well as how long your containers stay on site. With this information, you’ll be able to identify weak points in your operations to optimize your performance.

If you are interested to see what more visibility & control can do over your on-site operations, you can try the BuyCo OnSite app for free and see for yourself the benefits it could bring your company.


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